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Monitor, report, and alert on Core Web Vitals

Real user performance monitoring built for Core Web Vitals.

The best way to monitor Web Vitals

More functionality than Google Search Console and costs less than building it from scratch.

Realtime alerts

When your performance drops, send alerts to Slack, Microsoft Teams, or email.

  • Faster feedback

    Google Search Console is slow to update. Get feedback about bad performance immediately after your new feature ships to production.

  • Team focused

    Not every alert needs to go to the whole team. Customize your alerts to be sure the right stakeholders are in the loop.

tracking web vitals in next.js apps

Easy setup

Add one of our custom integrations to your site and start collecting useful data immediately.

  • Automatic configuration

    Once you've integrated with FitVitals, there's no extra configuration needed. Add a snippet of code to your app and you're good to go.

  • Simple alerting

    Provide a Slack webhook and configure your alerting threshold. It's as simple as that.

simple setup for core web vitals tracking

Works with your tech stack

No matter what technology you're using, we can support it.

  • Popular framework integrations

    We integrate with Next.js, Gatsby, and Nuxt. More coming soon.

  • Custom integration + documentation

    We have detailed documentation to help you get integrated. Get stuck? Reach out and I'll personally help you get started.

  • Host anywhere

    With our solution, it doesn't matter where you host. Vercel, AWS, Netlify, Digital Ocean, Heroku – they all work.

next.js largest contentful paint and cumulative layout shift monitoring

Custom integrations for

Compatible with Next.js
Compatible with Gatsby
Compatible with Nuxt

Host anywhere

Compatible with Vercel logo
Compatible with AWS logo
Compatible with Netlify logo


The right price for you, whoever you are

Whether you're a startup, a growing company, or an enterprise team, we have pricing that works for you.


Built for companies of all sizes

  • Unlimited accounts

  • Track up to 20 properties

  • 5 million pageview limit

  • Alert support (Slack & Teams)


The standard tier with a little more room

  • Unlimited accounts

  • Track up to 50 properties

  • 30 million pageview limit

  • Alert support (Slack & Teams)

We need a bigger boat
Need more than 50 properties or 30 million page views? Let's create a custom plan that fits the needs of your team.

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